visualize your dreams

Let’s take a moment to rewind to January where I am having a conversation with one of my closest friends. Kristin and I are making plans for 2009, in our own way we’re challenging each other to make this new year about reconnecting with activities that resonate with us personally. For Kristin it’s all about dance, she dreams of reinventing herself into a Triple Threat: dancer, actress, songstress; I hope to sing, write and get back into photography.

Baby steps, I buy myself a digital SLR and start photographing myself and Tigger in a self-portrait series. Kristin leaps, enrolling at a studio run by a former dance instructor. She signs up for tap, ballet, belly dancing and three months into it her class performed at a local nursing home. 

In late January Kristin tells me about one of her fellow students, Mary Elizabeth. An accomplished opera singer, who has mentioned to Kristin that she will be offering voice lessons at the end of February. Further discussion reveals that Mary’s husband Jay is an acting coach. This news is like a gift: we are on our way. We start lessons: acting and singing for Kristin, just singing for me. Kristin now closer to achieving her Triple Threat title, and with the addition of this blog, I too am striving to fulfill my dreams for 2009.  

Coincidence? Perhaps.

I have firm belief that certain things happen for a reason. If you take the time to visualize what you want, that act alone can open a door, crack a window, offer an opportunity for your dreams to find you.


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