Humans thrive on creating emotional connections. We connect through our stories, learning about the world and each other through shared experiences.

Conversational storytelling creates moments for brands to make real-life connections with consumers.  The power of the written word can invoke change, inspire leaders, educate the world.

Every word, every visual image has an opportunity to create an indelible impression, a bookmark if you will, in the minds of your audience.

Modern Vintage Ink engages with companies and individuals who are affecting positive change through their product or service offering.

  • We work closely with our clients to uncover their voice and purpose.
  • We collaborate on crafting a narrative that resonates deeply with their audience.
  • We do so mindfully and with intention.

As a lover of words with an enquiring mind, I believe we are all interconnected by our stories.

Allow me to help you tell yours.

Andrea G Preziotti, Ink for Hire


NYTFC: The Hero

As a member of the New York Times Film Club, I’ve pre-screened a few movies this year, some good, some predictable. Sometimes, like tonight, the screening features a Q&A afterward with the director and one of the actors. And tonight’s movie, The Hero, featured none other than the legendary cowboy and voice of Sam Elliott. …

a room full of women

Thursday night, wearing a power pantsuit from Lilith Paris I attended the HOW Conference produced by the Quorum Initiative. I met some of the most amazing women during the two-day conference. Entrepreneurs to C-suite executives, and women like myself starting our own businesses. Finally, a future I can see for myself.

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